Learn Top 300 German Words

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Learn just 300 German words and be able to speak fluently!

If you want to learn German and converse fluently, there’s no need to spend a lot of money to learn thousands of words. According to statistics, in everyday speech the average person uses only about 300-350 words; these words are enough to allow you to express yourself freely. This is because about 90% of our speech comes from this subset of words. So why learn German by exhausting yourself with long, difficult lessons? Simply download the app “Learn German from Scratch in a Week,” and within seven days you can travel to Germany without a phrase book! Our app includes the 300 most frequently used German words.

Download the “Learn German from Scratch” app and install it. It takes less than a minute, just follow these instructions:
- Download the app
- Install it on your mobile device (tablet or smartphone)
- Start learning German.

Features of the “Learn German from Scratch” app include:
- It’s compatible with 99% of mobile devices,
- The app doesn’t need the internet, and doesn’t use slow the system with images while running it,
- It doesn’t increase battery consumption.
- The app supports both English and Russian at startup, and lets you choose your native language.

How does the application work?

The program displays a random German word, along with its variants and a translation into English (or Russian). A pronunciation guide will also appear under the word to help you learn to say it correctly. The program will keep showing you each German word, until you succeed in learning it. The app considers that you’ve internalized and learned a word after you’ve translated it correctly five times in a row, and will then take that word out of the learning cycle.
The app has a statistics menu which shows how many words you’ve learned, how many words you have left to learn, and how many mistakes you made and are allowed to make before the German words are considered to have been learned. You can reset the data statistics, change the native language of the app, or reset the German language learning process at any time.

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