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Challenge your mind with Hashiwokakero, also known as "Hashi" or "Bridges"! Immerse yourself in the captivating world of strategic bridge-building puzzles designed to provide endless entertainment and brain-teasing fun.

Key Features:
🎮 9000 Levels: Enjoy a vast array of puzzles right from the start, with 9000 levels to keep your mind engaged and entertained.

🌙 Night Mode: Play anytime, anywhere, with the option to switch to Night Mode for a comfortable gaming experience in low-light conditions.

↩️ Undo Functionality: Fear not! Undo your moves with ease, allowing you to refine your strategy and perfect your bridge connections.

🔢 6 Levels of Difficulty: Tailor the challenge to your liking with six different difficulty levels, from beginner to expert. Find the perfect balance for your skill level.

🚦 Error Highlighting: Stay on track with error highlighting, ensuring that your bridges adhere to the rules, and no mistakes go unnoticed.

🧩 Unique Solution: Each puzzle is crafted with a unique solution, offering a rewarding experience as you conquer each level.

Game Rules:
Embark on the adventure of connecting islands with bridges, where each island's number guides you to the correct bridge count. Remember, bridges can only be horizontal or vertical, and each island must have the precise number of bridges specified. Be strategic as you navigate the puzzle grid, ensuring bridges don't cross, connecting islands with a continuous network.

Your mission is clear - connect all islands with the correct number of bridges while following the rules. Exercise your cognitive skills, solve puzzles, and revel in the satisfaction of completing each challenge.

Ready to explore the world of bridges? Download Hashi now and experience the joy of puzzle-solving like never before!